Interested in becoming a Volunteer Firefighter or EMT?

 Every day, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians throughout Prince George’s County are protecting the lives and property of our County’s residents.  More than 75% of the County’s firefighters are volunteers. 

 Dealing with Emergencies

 The County’s Firefighters and EMTs respond to hundreds of emergency situations each day.  Not only will you contain fire situations and handle emergency medical calls, but you will also mitigate automobile accidents and utility emergencies.  You can help in flooding situations, mass casualty incidents, hostage situations, etc.  If you are someone who is interested in serving the county, who is interested in making new friends and lifetime bonds, or who is looking for an adrenaline rush, then this job may be for you.

 Fire Safety

 On fire calls, our firefighters are prepared with personal protective equipment, communications equipment, thermal imaging equipment, etc.  All of this equipment combined with the proper training allows our firefighters to safely and effectively quell a fire situation.


 The skills and knowledge of a firefighter or EMT are always evolving.  In order to utilize new equipment and new knowledge, our county’s volunteers are constantly taking new classes or refreshing their existing knowledge in order to keep themselves up to date.  Classes include:

            -Volunteer Recruit School

                -Emergency Medical Technician Basic

                -Firefighter I

                -Firefighter II

                -Emergency Vehicle Operator

                -Hazardous Materials Operations


There are additional classes that are not required, but are offered to keep your skills sharp:

            -Emergency response to Terrorism: Basic Concepts

                -Engine Company Fireground Operations

                -Firefighter Survival and Rescue

                -Hazardous Materials Technician

                -Leadership I: Strategies for Company Success


How to Apply/Requirements

Junior Member – 16-18 years of age

Active Member – 18+ years of age

Must be able to pass a physical examination, including a stress test.


To apply, please contact PGCVFRA Recruiter


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