Published On: March 26, 2014
Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department Places New PA Ambulance in Service According to their press release dated March 19, 2014, the Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department ( Co. 14 ) has placed a Paramedic Ambulance in service. This is part of a pilot program. They will use one of  two ambulances owned by the BHVFD for the PA unit. Chief Danny McCoy and President James Hurley reported this in their press release. Congratulations to Berwyn Heights for this move, this will truly help the community. Make it a Safe Day  ~  P.G.C.V.F & R. A. ~ PIO – MA   Continue Reading
Published On: February 8, 2014
Starting in February, we are featuring the new fire apparatus acquired by the various departments. We will check department web sites, but you can also send your pictures of new apparatus to PIO@PGCVFRA.ORG Please include apparatus from 2013 up to now. Make sure your department is included.   Make it a Safe Day ~ P.G.C.V.F & R.A. – PIO   Continue Reading
Published On: November 11, 2013
By Michael J. White, Sr.November 11, 2013 Department Will Provide and Staff EMS Transport Service The membership of the Morningside Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD) has once again reaffirmed their commitment to Community Service and Public Safety by partnering with the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department (PGFD) to fully staff the Morningside Fire Station and the Ambulance that has been housed there with Volunteer Personnel. The PGFD career personnel currently assigned to the Morningside Fire Station will be available for reassignment to other stations that require additional staffing assistance. This monumental commitment by the membership of the MVFD does not come lightly and will ...  Continue Reading
Volunteers Come Together and Everyone Wins... Published On: October 28, 2013
By Member Kelly Lawson October 20, 2013 In  nothing  short  of  the  highest traditions  of  the  Volunteer  Fire Service,  the  Silver  Hill Volunteer Fire  Department  and  the Morningside  Volunteer  Fire Department  have  entered  into  a new cooperative  partnership  that provides  emergency  apparatus to serve  the  citizens  of  the area. The  partnership  provides  an Engine  recently  replaced  in frontline  service  by  the  Silver Hill VFD to the  Morningside  VFD, which  has  been  utilizing  a  long term  Prince  George’s  County reserve pumper  as  their  frontline apparatus. The  best  part  of  this selfless  act  by  the  Silver  Hill VFD is that everyone  wins  and ultimately  the  ...  Continue Reading
Published On: October 2, 2013
By Member Kelly Lawson October 2, 2013 Some of you may have heard my challenge before, but here it is again for those that haven’t and for those that may have forgotten…. I am personally challenging each and everyone of us to set aside our differences, our disputes and our rivalries, and start coming together as a unified front in the wake of adversity. Go back to basics…the best way to fight a fire is together, as a determined, dedicated team. Support your local volunteers…support each other! Please join me in this challenge; help put the “V” back in PGFD. What are you doing ...  Continue Reading

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